Knee Arthritis or sports injuries assessment, diagnosis(ultrasound scan) and treatment. We will make you better. ...

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6 months ago

Equilibrium Therapy Centre - Southfields

We will fix back pain. See how much difference we made in just few sessions. Advanced musculoskeletal clinic for neck pain, bad posture, sciatica and much more. We treat with Manipulation, Massage, Acupuncture and much more. We also offer cortisone injections. Call 02088708761 to book your appointment. ...

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Let's talk about Headaches!
Sure, Headaches of any kind can be eased with painkillers, as a quick but short lived solution. However, an overuse of medication can have the opposite effect.

The most common headaches are the tension-types. You may only experience them for a short time and perhaps not on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the pain and the associated Migraine-type symptoms can cause disruption in your daily life.

Our therapists offer hands-on treatment; soft-tissue release, deep tissue massage, Joint mobilisation, strengthening and stretching tight muscles or stiff necks. Dry needling is also used where needed for a targeted treatment.

We believe, that we can make a difference in your life, as the majority of our patients leave with a significant reduction in pain. Advice to prevent headaches is given to you, so that you are able to self manage, if it comes to another incident.

Read more about tension headaches and triggers here:

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