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Couples Counselling

Relationship counselling cannot only be a first positive step right at the beginning of a relationship, but it can also provide stability and improvement in an established partnership

At some point, you may feel that it is getting increasingly difficult.

Arguments or lack of warmth might be something you may find hard to deal with.

Perhaps you are worried about your children in this relationship and the impact on them.

It is okay to experience some sort of hurdles – It is always worth talking things through. If both are committed to work on the relationship, then sometimes the only thing needed is a little support. Your therapist will look into your communication with each other, behavioural patterns and other underlying issues, which are impacting your life.

Even, if you feel that the relationship is at breaking point and you may want to work on a smoother separation/divorce then our trained and highly experienced therapists are able to support you both through the process. We believe, that it is important to work together, develop your skills and teach you coping strategies and techniques so that you both are able to communicate effectively and are able to resolve issues yourselves.

Some reasons to consider couples counselling:

  • On going arguments and increasing conflicts
  • Relationship trust issues and Commitment issues
  • Sexual problems
  • Family difficulties and adjustment issues
  • Explore effects of past relationships
  • Jealousy, Anger, and poor communication issues
  • Domestic abuse and addiction problems
  • Divorce counselling
  • Marriage guidance

What to expect:

  • Get in touch with us and we will help you match with a couples counsellor – Call us or E-mail
  • In your first session you will together with the therapist establish goals for your therapy
  • Your sessions will be on a weekly basis. The length of the session will be discussed and determined in your first session
  • Session will be attended by both, however in some cases and depending on your personal needs, you may see the therapist separately

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