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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy uses gentle head holds and movements to manipulate your baby’s body to encourage it to function correctly. The process helps relieve tension and stress in your baby’s head that may have been caused during labour.
The Baby’s body being curled in a small space during pregnancy is further strained during the labour when the baby’s head and body turns and twists passing through the birth canal. Even in natural most relaxing deliveries the moulding and compression of the baby’s head can leave them with uncomfortable stresses and strains so:
crying, difficulty to settling, feeding problems; colic and wind, sleep disturbance might occur.
Gentle Osteopathic treatment is usually very helpful to ease the excess stresses and strains of even natural and especially after assisted labour and Caesarian section. The treatment balances and enables the Baby’s body to enhance the healing process and focus on recovery, digestion and growth.