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How we work


Through open dialogue with the client each Counsellor/Psychotherapist’s method of interacting reflects his or her training. However, all counsellors are skilled at listening in a non-judgemental way, and in helping you to explore those areas of your life that may be causing you pain. Counselling enables you through exploration to make sense of how and who you are, and may sometimes lead to personal change.


If your problem is a marital or relationship one, it helps if both of you tackle things together. When both parties agree to it, Counselling for couples is ideal because it gives impartial and safe atmosphere where feelings can be openly expressed and heard.


Equilibrium does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of age, marital status, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, social origins, political or religious beliefs.


Our sessions last for 50 minutes; usually you will have at least one session per week.

You will meet with your counsellor in one of our comfortable Counselling rooms at 88 Pulborough Road, Southfields, Wandsworth. There is no time limit on the duration of the therapy, it may last for a matter of weeks or for a year or more and this will be negotiated between the client and the therapist.

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