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Massage is a mode of manual therapy that primarily works on the muscular system of the body. It is proven to be effective in treating tension that can arise from tight muscles and stiff joints, as well as symptoms associated with stress and anxiety.

It is a firm but effective way to reduce symptoms associated with sports injuries and postural related issues and it can also help facilitate circulation as well as support the integrity of skeletal system.

Pregnancy Massage

Pre-natal and antenatal massages are specifically tailored to your needs and are especially gentle and soothing. Mothers to be are often struggling with the physiological changes of pregnancy, as time passes in their pregnancy. Often emotional discomfort comes to the surface as muscular tension and stiffness. 

Our therapists use specialised pregnancy and post natal massage techniques rather than regular ones. This allows them to tackle common issues as:

  • aches, pains in both muscle and joints
  • swelling in hands and feet
  • sleeping problems
  • anxiety and stress
  • circulation issues
  • lower back pain
  • muscle stiffness
  • headaches and fatigue
  • leg pain due to sciatic nerve compression

This specialised massage will not only leave you completely relaxed, but has benefits to you physical well-being.

Please note that for a pregnancy massage it is important, that you are over the first trimester.

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