Theresa Long

Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist

I am a Senior accredited qualified counsellor with the British Association for counselling and Psychotherapy with 20years experience. I joined Equilibrium in 1990 as a Hypnotherapist and Counsellor.

My understanding of the nature and purpose of counselling (and the effectiveness of the counsellor) is to understand and perceive how the client perceives and understands. This deep understanding is probably the most vital evidence which can be given, that I, have the ultimate confidence in the ability of the individual for constructive change and development in the direction for a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

I believe my role is to perceive sensitively and as accurately as possible this internal frame of reference of the other. Clearly the most important concept to take into account is the value and respect of the client, by active effort, I as the counsellor can put myself into the clients frame of reference intern, creating a strong working alliance and bond.

I work with 3 Modalities Psychodynamic, Humanistic, CBT,CAT. These are theories underpinning my work, overall my methods of practice are integrative. However, I will introduce other modalities if this is beneficial to the client’s needs. every client is unique, therefore the formula is not fixed

My aim is to create a safe, non-judgemental, supportive and confidential space where you have the freedom to express and be yourself without fear or anxiety. Gaining greater insight into difficulties you may be having by exploring the past and how it is affecting you in the ‘here and now’ learning more productive skills for a more productive and satisfying life.

I have worked as a Psychotherapist in different settings for 20yrs this includes providing brief solution focussed for The phobic society , Trained with ACAPS Alcohol Prevention Counselling Services Controlled drinking Pia Melody. Desease Model (total abstinence). Counselling for the Blind. Certificate in Addictions, deviance and Relationships.

I have had many successes over the years, from stopping smoking, stopping nail biting, to some of the more complex issues like panic attacks and OCD. In couples Therapy I am looking at psychosexual and/or relationship issues. I also work with young people and teenagers.

In the last few years I trained as a Life Coach, and I am also a Supervisor of Counsellors and hypnotherapists.

Training and qualifications


Psychodynamic Psychosexual Counselling
Albany Trust 24 Chester Square SW.1W 9HS


Addictions, Deviance and relationships. Albany Trust.

Post-grad Diploma

Humanistic Counselling and Supervision. Roehampton Institute, surrey University


ACAPS Alcohol; Counselling Prevention Services ACAPS


BSc Psychology (hons) (GBR) Surrey University.


Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy. N.S.H.A P (National school of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Regents College (UCL)


British college of Hypnotherapy (BCH)


easy birthing(last essay pending)UKPC


introduction To Cognitive Behaviour Birkbeck


Cognitive Analytical Therapy
Wimbledon Guild,


Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor. NCH


Personal development Facilitator Training/Theory T.A


Coaching. Member of the Special Coaching BPS