Tony Cabourn-Smith

Qualified BACP Counsellor

UPDATE COVID 19: ONLINE/REMOTE COUNSELLING is available through Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Telephone or any preferred method suitable for both.

I am a qualified BACP Counsellor with a degree in person-centred counselling. I also have a diploma in relationship counselling and nine years experience in couples counselling.

I have worked at Equilibrium since 2002, seeing both short-term and long-term clients, including issues around relationships, self-worth, anxiety and addiction.

My approach is Humanistic, but I have a good understanding of cognitive therapy. I believe that everyone has within them the ability to find answers for the issues with which they struggle. I am often in awe of the courage my clients show in tackling this.

My aim is to provide an environment that supports my clients in maintaining that courage and determination to explore feelings that can be difficult or painful. Sometimes the environment can be enquiring, sometimes reflective, but it always needs to be safe, reliable, accepting and empathic.